This is a courtesy announcement to inform the community of the County’s new regulations requiring the use of face coverings when out in public. Effective Friday, May 1st, it is mandatory for all people in San Diego County to wear a face-covering when in public if they enter a business or come within six (6) feet of people not in their household. Children under the age of 2 and those with certain disabilities are exempt from these regulations.

As part of the County’s long-term four-step plan to reopen businesses, government offices, schools, parks, beaches, and cultural institutions, safety precautions are needed as members of the public leave their homes and begin to assemble in small numbers. Masks are not required in the ocean or when exercising by yourself (or when with members of your household). Still, they must be carried with you even when exercising in case you encounter someone within six feet of you at which point must cover your nose and mouth. This requirement applies anywhere in public including on the beach when it opens on Monday, May 4th. This order remains in place indefinitely.

There is no need to purchase a medical-grade N95 mask. A bandanna, scarf, neck gaiter, or even a towel will do. It should cover the lower half of the face from the bridge of the nose to beneath the chin.

The City will update the community if any additional measures are put in place by the County or any changes are made. Please remember,

“When you leave your place, cover your face.”